Redondo Beach Dentist Solves Sleep Apnea

Dr. Jon Monette, of Sleep Apnea Treatment Center of Los Angeles, has been a strong advocate for a new treatment method for Sleep Apnea. Instead of having to place an obtrusive mask on your face every night to assist with sleeping, Dr. Monette uses a newer method known as Oral Appliance Therapy. Oral Appliance Therapy is a very simple way to stop Sleep Apnea. All it consists of is a specially fitted mouth piece that you sleep with every night. Very similar to a mouth guard that many people use to stop teeth grinding.

One of the best benefits of this type of sleep apnea treatment is the fact that it is covered by most medical insurance plans. That means that the cost to most patients is very small. They don’t have to wear a CPAP mask, and they get a good nights’ rest.

Based in the South Bay of Los Angeles, Dr. Monette is helping patients all over the Los Angeles area that are struggling with Sleep Apnea. His office is located just blocks from the beach in Redondo Beach, CA.  To get more information about how the Sleep Apnea Treatment Center of Los Angeles can get rid of your Sleep Apnea, call today: (310) 375-3338

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