Is Losing Just One Tooth A Big Deal?

 Is Losing Just One Tooth A Big Deal? (Single Tooth Implant) It depends on who you talk to.  If a front tooth is lost, almost everyone is motivated to replace it because it affects one’s confidence, pride and speech. Society values a nice smile, and misjudges those without teeth, so people often hesitate to smile or speak in social settings if the front ones are gone.  The situation is quite different for molars. Because a missing molar is unseen, it is also de-valued.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Granted, the absence of one tooth may not seem impact one’s ability to chew or speak, and it usually does not.  But it may cause healthy teeth nearby to move around in the wrong directions, without any discomfort, so it goes unnoticed.  For...


Thinking about having an energy or sports drink? Be aware of their effects on your teeth. High titratable acidity in energy drinks, and to a lesser extent in sports drinks is a significant predictor of enamel dissolution, according to a study published in the May issue of general Dentistry. Are energy drinks bad for your teeth? Consult your dentist to learn the facts.


More than 110 years later, researchers continue to discover new uses for Aspirin.  In an issue of Nature Medicine, National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) scientists and grantees report in mouse studies that Aspirin, applied directly to the site of an experimental skull wound, helps bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BMMSCs) form new bone. New dental research and other information which can help to improve dental health is provided by Dr Qureshi, a leading Alexandria VA dentist.

Changing Your Perspective on Dental Insurance

Changing Your Perspective on Dental Insurance (How to afford Dental Work or Financing)   Patients often view their employers’ dental insurance information with as much zeal as tax forms.    The dental terminology and treatment guidelines quickly become overwhelming, with good reason.  They prefer to skim the details and go for the bottom line.  Perhaps this explanation of dental insurance will spare you some aggravation.  First and foremost, remember that dental insurance does not equal dental “assurance” of payment.  Dental insurance was actually created in 1964 to offset the expense for routine dental work, not major reconstruction, with an annual maximum coverage of $1000 per person.  In most cases, that coverage has remained at $1000 per...

To Keep or Not To Keep Every Tooth, That is the Question

To Keep or Not To Keep Every Tooth, That is the Question (When it is not a good idea to keep your own teeth)   As you may have discovered, dentistry today is practiced differently than even ten years ago.  The profession has entered an era of research and technological advances, now evaluating oral care from the perspective of overall health.  This perspective tries to address one’s physical discomfort as well as overall systemic compromises, plus their emotional attitude about their appearance and financial constraints.  It’s about one’s quality of life. Our office makes every attempt to save each and every tooth, but maintains a long-term focus in these decisions.  We never remove a tooth because it is the easiest or least expensive option.  Removal...