Learn about Dental Implants: What are mini dental implants?

There are different kinds of dental implants which can be part of different treatments plans developed by your implant dentist. Here is an article by Dr. Gordon Rye that was published on Dental Health Magazine that helps to provide more insight on mini dental implants.   What are Mini Dental Implants?   About the Author Dr. Gordon Rye is an experienced and award winning cosmetic and restorative dentist in Fairfax, Virginia. Connect with Dr. Rye on Google+.

How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth – Alexandria VA Animal Hospital

Don’t overlook your dog’s dental care. Canine dental care is an essential component to your pet’s health because dental disease can lead to other serious health concerns like kidney and heart disease. While many of our Hollin Hall Animal Hospital customers want to promote clean teeth for their loved ones,  a common question is, How do I brush my dog’s teeth? No one said it would be easy, but here is a video to help answer that question and hopefully give you some helpful tips.   About the Author Dr. Holly Gill is an experienced veterinarian in Alexandria, Virginia. Connect with Dr. Gill on...

A Common Question of Endodontists: Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

A Common Question of Endodontists: Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

Much is not understood by dental patients as to why they need root canal therapy. Below is a relevant article from Dr. Gary Leff, a leading Northern Virginia Endodontist, on that very question. Why Do I Need a Root Canal?   About the Author Dr Gary Leff is a nationally recognized Endodontist and root canal specialist in Northern Virginia. Connect with Dr. Leff on Google+

Same Day Dentistry at Vestal Dental with CEREC

Your time is valuable and with our hectic schedules getting time for dental appointments cam be a challenge. To help patients make time to get the dental care they need, Vestal Dental Associates now offers single visit or same day dentistry with CEREC, which enables our Vestal dentists to provide custom designed crowns, fillings, inlays, onlays and veneers in a single visit, providing our patients with added convenience and saving them time.   About the Author Dr. Michael Buglione is an experienced and award winning family, cosmetic and sedation dentist based in Vestal, NY. Connect with Dr. Buglione on...