Am I a good candidate for sleep apnea dentistry?

Am I a good candidate for sleep apnea dentistry?

Am I a good candidate for sleep apnea dentistry?
Patients who suffer from snoring and sleep problems due to sleep apnea may seek a more comfortable and less invasive solution than CPAP treatments, and many turn to sleep apnea dental care for effective therapies, like oral appliances.

Oral appliances may be a treatment option for patients who have mild to moderate sleep apnea and whose symptoms are caused by a repetitive airway obstruction, such as excess throat tissue, an enlarged uvula, swollen tonsils or a large tongue.

Before electing to pursue oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea, patients should complete a comprehensive evaluation with a sleep specialist who has been board certified. An overnight sleep study can determine the problem’s severity while providing a sleep apnea dentist with vital information.

Patients who experience severe or high moderate sleep apnea are often not ideal candidates for oral appliances because the dental devices will not adequately help to resolve their apnea. For these patients, the standard of care remains Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) treatment. However, patients who are not candidates for CPAP therapy or do not respond to the treatment should consider consulting with a sleep apnea dentist to re-evaluate all their options.

Dental sleep apnea solutions are ideal for patients with mild to moderate apnea. Your Fairfax sleep apnea dentist can recommend the best oral appliance for you, ranging from mouthguard to custom pieces that enlarge the airways, reposition the jaw or prevent the collapse of the upper airways.

Good candidates for sleep apnea dental solutions must also commit to monitoring the treatment with their dentist. Oral appliances are an ideal solution for many patients, but should be monitored for effectiveness just like any other treatment.


by Dr. Dan Kelliher


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