Are medical weight loss programs more effective than dieting alone?

For successful long-term weight loss, there is a huge distinction between “dieting” and “life-style changing”.  When a person thinks about going on a “diet”, this usually implies a start date, at which time the person will commit him/herself to lowering caloric intake and exercising more.  The result of these efforts will be the loss of weight.  If the affected person is persistent enough, significant weight loss will occur.  Clothes will fit much better, the person will receive compliments and some health issues will become better.

“Fad” diets, liquid diets, meal replacements and other short term “dieting” solutions may produce the initial weight loss, but the chances of long-term success utilizing these methods are slim-to-none.  Similarly, any medically-supervised weight loss programs that utilizes these techniques will also have a high recidivism rate.

A medically-supervised weight loss program that focuses on long-term behavioral modification and lifestyle changes will have a much greater chance of long term success than “dieting”.   If the medical program provides ongoing support, especially past the formal visits, the concept of “yo-yo dieting” will be replaced by sustainable weight loss.

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Dr. Posner is a Northern Virginia weight loss doctor with the The Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program™. Connect with him on Google+.

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