Can Teeth be Replaced in One Day?


Most dental patients are candidates for this form of treatment. However, it is a very sophisticated procedure, which needs to be carefully thought out and performed. Frequently, when the patients come to our Washington DC dental implant office for an opinion, this procedure has already been recommended to them. This has been done without first having adequate records taken. Last week we saw a patient who had gone to one of the teeth in a day clinics of a national chain having been given the recommendation to extract all of his teeth and have them replaced with four implants in each arch. First of all, a panoramic X-ray was the only documentation that he was given, which was inadequate for diagnosis and prognosis assessment of his remaining teeth. Secondly, according to the patient, no complete exam was performed (including the evaluation of the bone and gum support around the teeth).

As it turns out, our initial evaluation showed that he might not even need all of his teeth extracted! We recommended to this patient that, prior to making such a treatment recommendation, he would need a full mouth set of Xrays, a set of models, and a 3D cone beam CT Scan taken. With this information, he would be able to make an informed decision. He saw the necessity of having these records taken and immediately scheduled the appointment.

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Dr. Gerald Marlin is a Washington D.C. specialist in implant, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. Connect with him on Google+.

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