Dental Treatment Options to Cure a Gap in Your Smile

Dental Treatment Options to Cure a Gap in Your Smile

Gaps between the teeth can be annoying, embarrassing and a stain on an otherwise-perfect smile. Gaps may form between the teeth because of a mismatch between the size of the teeth and the jaw bones, tooth loss due to trauma or gum disease or even from bad habits, like thumb sucking as a child. Fortunately, modern dentistry has two primary techniques for fixing a gap-laden smile without braces.

Repairing Gaps with Bonding

Dental bonding is a process that reshapes a tooth by adding material to it. The material can be applied to a single tooth or to multiple teeth to eliminate gaps, fix chips and cracks, whiten the teeth, protect the roots and prevent further damage.

During the procedure, the dentist selects a shade of bonding material that matches the tooth’s current shade. Next, a liquid is applied to the tooth that permanently bonds the material to the enamel. The material is then applied and shaped to appear and feel completely natural. Once the bonding material has dried, the tooth is polished and finished to reveal a new, gap-free smile.

Cosmetic Veneers Eliminate Gaps

Made of thin shells of resin or porcelain, dental veneers can close gaps in teeth and truly redefine a smile. During the procedure, an impression is made of the teeth and porcelain sheets are custom-fitted for a comfortable and natural feel. Next, the individually-made veneers are bonded to the teeth to fill the gap. Long-lasting, durable and natural-looking, veneers are a great solution for people who feel self-conscious about their gaps.

Patients no longer need to suffer gaps in their teeth, as modern dentistry has your solution.

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