What is a “Diet Doctor”?

What is a “Diet Doctor”?

Robert Posner, M.D.

Founder, Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program

When people with weight control problems cannot find success on their own, they will often search for a professional that may be of help.  A very common Google search term is “Diet Doctor”.  The results will yield millions of responses to this, and I believe it is important that people have a keen awareness of the major differences between “doctors”.

“Diet Doctors” can range from people with PhD’s in nutrition, PhD’s in counseling, chiropractors, psychiatrists that work with eating disorders and medical doctors.  Focusing on the medical doctors, there are surgeons that perform operative procedures (bariatric surgeons) and physicians that offer a medical weight loss program.

Concerning physicians that offer a medical weight loss program, many of these physicians provide a national, franchise type of program like Medifast and the Center for Medical Weight loss.  These programs base their efforts all around the selling of shakes, bars and prepackaged foods as meal replacements.  Buyer beware!  Once the patient goes back to eating real food, the weight is almost assuredly will come right back on.

Some physicians do their own individual programs, often utilizing prescription diet pills, supplements, some sort of meal plan and periodic visits.

At the Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program we utilize a behavioral modification/lifestyle-change program with a medical “jump-start”.  The SP Program has the exclusive usage of a patented serotonin technology that helps stave off carbohydrate cravings.  The dietary plan is based on real food, which creates a sustainable weight loss.  The SP Program has a 12-plus year, 200,000-plus patient encounter, physicians in 15 states experience of complete safety and superior efficacy.  The data from the program of the12-week average weight loss of 35 pounds has been presented at mainstream medical conferences across the country.

When exploring whether a “diet doctor” is right for you, make a careful assessment as to what type of “doctor” he/she is, how vast is the experience of success and safety, what results have been documented and whether the program is centered around real food, or meal substitutes that have essentially no chance of long-term success.

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Dr. Posner is a Northern Virginia weight loss doctor with and Founder of the The Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program™. Connect with him on Google+.

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