Fairfax Restorative Dentist Speaks on Dental Implants – The Solution for Missing Teeth

If you are part of the growing population that suffers from missing or damaged teeth, 2014 should be your year to explore the solution presented by dental implants. Don’t put off restoring your full and vibrant smile, and see how implants can restore your smile to its healthy glow.

According to a statistical study, 69 percent of adults between the ages of 35 to 44 have lost at least one permanent tooth because of an accident, a failed root canal, gum disease or tooth decay. By age 74, 26 percent of adults have lost all of their permanent teeth.  Your Fairfax dental implant dentist, as well as specialists from throughout the country, all in the restoration and replacement of teeth, recommend dental implants as the best treatment solution for the replacement of lost teeth.

Patients with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes are excellent candidates for the dental implant procedure. Patients who have lost teeth due to periodontal disease or decay have achieved successful results with dental implants. Dental implants are used to stabilize and secure dentures or replace removable bridges.  Smoking doesn’t eliminate the possibility of obtaining dental implants.

Patients choosing to undergo the dental implant procedure will receive many oral health benefits. Dental implants are designed to fuse with bone and are permanent replacements for lost teeth improving personal appearance. Improvements in speech, comfort, self-esteem and oral health restore a healthy smile and allow patients to speak without fear of slipping teeth. Dental implants function as real teeth facilitating easier chewing of favorite foods without experiencing pain. Dental implants are durable lasting for many years and they eliminate the embarrassing inconvenience of removing dentures.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots inserted into a jaw as a holder for a replacement tooth or bridge. There are different types of dental implants. Endosteal implants include cylinders, screws or blades inserted into the jawbone through surgery. Patients with bridges or removable dentures are candidates for this type of implant. A subperiosteal implant consists of metal posts that protrude through the gum of the jaw to hold the prosthesis in place. This type of implant is for patients unable to wear conventional dentures in addition to possessing minimal bone height.

Dr. Gordon Rye, as a leading dental implant dentist in Fairfax, Virginia, can discuss the benefits and treatments options around dental implants, and also highlight patient success stories to show what you can expect for your smile.

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