How to choose the right Chicago oral surgeon?

How to choose the right Chicago oral surgeon?

Oral surgeons treat a wide variety of dental problems and are skilled at removing impacted and disease teeth, treating facial trauma, placing dental implants, performing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and correcting jaw irregularities.

When choosing an oral surgeon in Chicago or other areas throughout the country, consider the following questions:

– How experienced is the oral surgeon? Choose an oral surgeon who has years of experience and a successful practice. More experience equals more expertise for you.

– What is the surgeon’s clinical experience and training in the treatments and procedures you need? Consider his or her background, experiences and knowledge with your specific dental problem.

– Does the oral surgeon belong to a professional dental society? Ask to see the surgeon’s accolades or credentials from these groups.

– Does the oral surgeon take continuing education courses? Oral surgeons must be up-to-date on the field’s most current technological and procedural advances.

– How does the oral surgeon plan to treat your problem? Talk about benefits and possible disadvantages of his or her recommended treatment options.

– What are the costs of the potential treatment options? Ask the oral surgeon if your insurance is accepted by his or her practice and if there are dental financing options available.

– What type of emergency care is available? Although emergency situations are rare, ask about the surgeon’s availability in the evenings and weekends. Who provides emergency care in the oral surgeon’s absence?

– Does the oral surgeon collaborate with other medical and dental professionals? You should trust these partners and have confidence in their skills and knowledge.

Choosing the right Chicago oral surgeon for your dental care is an important decision, and your detailed conversations and ensuring your comfort level will make sure you make the right decision.

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