I’m Dreaming of a White Smile – Gift the Gift of a Brillant White Smile

Know anyone who would love the gift of a brighter smile?

If you want to give the gift of a white smile to a loved one or to yourself, professional teeth whitening from DC Dental Spa is the perfect gift that anyone can enjoy. At our Washington DC Cosmetic dental practice,  the professional whitening methods offered include laser whitening or custom fitted trays. They lighten the shade of your teeth by several shades, are tailored to the shade and brightness you desire and are more effective than the over the counter whitening products you can find at retail stores.

With our teeth whitening dentists, there are two ways of getting your teeth white and bright again.

· A custom whitening tray is perfectly designed for your mouth. It is a thin and flexible bleaching tray that slips onto your lower and/or upper teeth. You can insert a whitening agent in the tray, slip it against your teeth and let it set for about 30 minutes each day. This is one of the most effective ways to get a bright, white smile that leaves a long lasting impression.

· Laser teeth whitening or power whitening on the other hand is a another process that takes about an hour. It is a clean and painless process during which a bleaching agent is painted on your teeth. A laser is then used to activate the agent and trigger the whitening process.

Benefits of Professional Treatment Over Home Kits

Professional teeth whitening is professionally administered by our dental hygienists or dentists, and who oversee that everything is performed correctly, that the patient is comfortable and that the desired results are attained. Retail home whitening kits and mouth guards may also not fit your mouth well, as they are not custom fitted and as a result it is possible for there to be leakage and some discomfort.

When teeth whitening is done by trained professionals at DC Dental Spa, we work to ensure your teeth, gums and inside of the mouth are all properly monitored and treated properly.

So give someone dear a gift of a white smile or visit DC Dental Spa today for a safe and easy way to get sparkling white teeth. Transform your smile or help someone regain their confidence once again!

Have a wonderful holiday and keep on smiling!


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