Important Google Update on Online Customer Reviews for Business Owners

Important Google Update on Online Customer Reviews for Business Owners

Most business owners know that getting quality online review from customers is a very important component to promoting the online visibility of their business, and also to promote a positive impression for potential customers to review. The challenge is how to get customers to do this, and in experience with our clients, once they leave the business premise, their mind and thoughts go elsewhere and getting them to go to a web site (ie Google Places/Google+ Local, Yelp, etc.), log in and write a review is not an easy task.

To help this process, many businesses offer computers or tablets on premise that customer can use then and there to write a review. The problem here has been that this process has created many ‘spammy’ type review which Google has reviewed, and also some businesses have reportedly offered financial incentives for customers as well to write reviews, which is a big ‘no no’ should that every be detected by Google. And this post recently by Google reinforces the opinion that this is not the way to go.

  • Don’t set up a computer or tablet device in your place of business for customers to leave reviews on site. Consider sending a reminder e-mail so customers can review on their own time.
    Posted on Jan 31, 2013 in Google Forums.

So what are business owners to do? Our suggestion is to identify customers who are willing and able to write reviews, and reach out to them with a ‘higher touch’ like a personal email, phone call or letter, asking them to write a review and provide instructions if needed.

It takes more time but it’s better to get fewer high quality reviews that a higher number of reviews that are ‘spammy’ and likely to be tagged as such by Google.

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