Looking For A Brighter Holiday Smile? – Try GLO Professional Teeth Whitening

Looking For A Brighter Holiday Smile? – Try GLO Professional Teeth Whitening

People who want to gain fresher, healthier-looking smiles should look beyond the teeth whitening products that line store shelves. While these solutions can often produce noticeable results in a very short period of time, they do not compare to the effectiveness of whitening treatments that are professionally rendered. Moreover, many store-bought products can have an adverse effect on the health of the gums and may hypersensitivity along with a range of additional oral health issues. GLO Professional Teeth Whitening is an in-office and take-home teeth whitening system that can be provided by Lansdowne Dental Care, as well as your dentist. In addition to producing remarkable improvements, it can also enhance tooth and gum health and freshen the breath.

The Benefits Of GLO Professional Teeth Whitening

GLO Professional Teeth Whitening treatments are easy to use and far more cost-effective than popular shelf products that must be used and reused in order to gain lasting improvements. Capable of reducing tooth sensitivity via the use of potassium nitrate, this product also contains zinc gluconate, which targets mouth bacteria and leaves the breath fresh. Best of all, this treatment will expose the teeth to a range of vitamins that foster good gum health such as Vitamins C and E. GLO also includes a pH enhancer to preserve the natural balance of the mouth interior and the results that are produced. Thus, people are not just getting whiter teeth when using this system, but healthier mouths as well.

Why Store-Bought Treatments Just Don’t Stack Up

Some of the most popular store-bought formulas are using harsh bleaching agents to facilitate rapid results. Given that most popular brands require numerous treatments in a very short span of time, the exposure to bleach is much more extreme than when using a system like GLO. These products can compromise the enamel, upset the natural pH balance of the mouth and pose an ingestion hazard. More importantly, overuse of common whitening formulas can have an adverse effect on whitening efforts. Just as overuse of bleach on white linens or garments will cause them to yellow, extreme use of bleaching agents on the teeth can cause these structures to darken as well.

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