Need a Solution for loose and ill-fitting dentures?

Need a Solution for loose and ill-fitting dentures?

As Chicago dental implant specialists, we often have patients ask us, ‘Do you provide a Solution for loose and ill-fitting dentures?’

Dentures have certainly come a long way since ivory prosthetics, but dental implants are the modern day treatment solution for multiple missing teeth. Durable, natural-looking and secure, dental implants are a superior treatment option to dentures.

Increased Comfort and Confidence

One of the most common and annoying problems with dentures is that they often slip or shift. This may not sound too bad until you try eating or speaking with wobbly dentures! Dental implants let you live with confidence because they will never slip or shift thanks to their secure placement.

While dentures are held in place using messy pastes and glues, dental implants are securely fused to the jawbone using a titanium post. This means no more mess and no worries about your teeth slipping in the middle of a meal or conversation.

Esthetic Advantages

Although innovations in denture technologies have improved over the years, dental implants are far more natural looking.

Instead of resting on the gum line like dentures, dental implants are securely placed directly in the jaw bone. A receding gum line is a dead giveaway for dentures, but dental implants never cause that problem. No one will know you have them, and they are so comfortable that you may even forget about your implants yourself!

Reliable and Durable

Considered the most long-lasting and durable option for the replacement of multiple missing teeth, dental implants have an impressively high success rate. With proper care, dental implants can be a lifelong solution to missing or damaged teeth.

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