Online Dental Marketing Strategies for 2013 – What to focus on?

Online Dental Marketing Strategies for 2013 – What to focus on?

Options for dental practices for their online marketing efforts seem limitless. Unfortunately in line with this expanded strategies have come a limitless number of firms offering their ‘magic fixes’ and silver bullets which can deliver immediate page 1 visibility on Google. When our clients ask if this offer and that firm’s ‘unique advantage to deliver on Google’ is worth marketing resources, we remind them that from day 1 we stress that getting strong organic visibility on Google isn’t based on gimmicks, tricks or short cuts, rather it’s developing an online presence, encompassing their web site, social media platforms, online reviews, Maps listings, links, etc. which present a robust, compelling and unique case for Google to deem your business the best match for what specific searchers are looking for. This takes time and effort, and recent Google Panda updates reinforce this trend. So for 2013, think about what is unique about your dental practice, what needs can you fulfill for potential patients, what questions can you help people to answer and put yourself in the shoes of a potential patient.

You should collaborate with your online marketing firm to develop a content marketing strategy to promote what you have to say, and take a longer term view to promoting and building a strong and engaging online presence. Don’t let SEO be the driver of what you have to say, rather speak to the unique vision and information you offer, and Google will reward your efforts and penalize those who look for quick fixes and drink the kool aid from these less than reputable online marketing firms.

Good luck in 2013!

By Rob Gazzola

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