Opportunities with Sedation Dentistry Marketing

Opportunities with Sedation Dentistry Marketing

The challenge often posed with online marketing for general dentist practices is that potential patients often look for specific geographic areas for their dental providers, and offices that accept a specific dental insurance is usually a strong driver as well. A compelling marketing case needs to be made to get individuals to choose a dental practice that doesn’t fit these 2 common requirements, and sedation dentistry presents such an opportunity.

There is a significant dental patient population who either has an apprehension or fear of going to the dentist, and often this leads them to not seeing a dentist for years. If an online marketing strategy can convey to patients that sedation dentistry can address their fears and ensure a calm and comfortable dental appointment, our experience has shown that patients will travel ‘significantly’ farther and be less price sensitive when choosing the right dentist.

Potentials patients looking for sedation dentists are often

  1. Willing to travel father
  2. Not necessarily as insurance or price driven
  3. As an interesting note, from our clients we’ve learned the majority of patients who chose their practice for sedation dentistry appointments actually do not¬†receive¬†dental sedation. Most patients just want to feel at ease and the dentist and staff discuss different options in addition to sedation, once they come to the office.

Address patient fear, make them at ease and stress comfort and relaxation, and your sedation dentistry marketing plan is bound to attract more quality patients needing a higher level of treatment.

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