Rob didn’t see a dentist for over 10 years, so what finally cured his dental anxiety?

Rob didn’t see a dentist for over 10 years, so what finally cured his dental anxiety?

Fear of the dentist is common. For people like our dental patient Rob, even getting a simple, routine teeth cleaning can feel like being in a horror film. More invasive procedures can cause even more anxiety. If you are like him, just thinking about going to the dentist can make your hands sweat and heart pound. Your fear may have stopped you from getting necessary dental care in the past, but sedation dentistry makes it possible for even the most anxious patients to get the care they need today.

Dentists rely on three types of sedation to reduce anxiety and fear: inhalation sedation, often known as “laughing gas,” diminishes pain when it is inhaled; anti-anxiety medications may reduce symptoms when taken before an appointment; and intravenous sedation may be used to calm patients with extreme anxiety.

Sedation dentistry is recommended for patients who feel anxious just thinking about the dentist, those who have experienced panic attacks previously in the dentist’s office or those whose fears have stopped them from getting treatments in the past. Sedation dentistry in our Vestal NY sedation dentist office may also be used on patients with procedure-specific fears, like a phobia of needles, or those who desire a relaxed and pleasant feeling during a procedure.

Seeing the dentist regularly is vital to maintaining good oral health. If your fears are preventing you from getting the care you need now, you may suffer from decay, cavities, gum disease and other serious concerns in the future. Sedation dentistry calms your fears so you can take care of your teeth and gums without anxiety.

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