Root Canal Treatment : What is Root Canal Surgery?

Sometimes root canal treatment may not be appropriate, when this is the case a procedure known as

an apicoectomy or more commonly known as root surgery is performed to help eliminate infection. The
procedure is done in our office with local anesthesia and is usually completed within one hour. Most
patients undergoing this routine root surgery can often return to work the same day.

During the procedure the doctor will make a small incision into the gum tissue to expose the bone. Once
this is done a small access window is made into the bone to expose the tip of the root. In most cases 3-4
millimeters of the root end is removed to eliminate the trapped bacteria in the small accessory canals or
the delta of the root system. Often a retro-fill material is placed into the end of the root opening to seal
the root canal from fluids and bacteria that is seeping back into the canal. Small sutures are then used
to stitch up the gum incision.

After the procedure is completed we routinely ask our root canal surgery patients to return to our office
within one to two weeks to assess the healing process. In most root surgery cases significant healing
takes place within one week.

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Dr Gary Leff is a nationally recognized Endodontist and root canal specialist in Northern Virginia. Connect with Dr. Leff on Google+

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