The Miracle Of Modern Cosmetic Dentistry

The Miracle Of Modern Cosmetic Dentistry

Modern dental science has revolutionized cosmetic dentistry over the last 50 years. With permanent dental implants to replace missing or broken teeth and sophisticated oral surgery techniques, we are able to create complete facial reconstructions on a scale that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

As an example, our Chicago dental office recently saw a patient who we had treated when she was a young woman. She had been involved in a massive car accident and had horrible injuries: she lost all her front teeth, bone, and part of her nose and tongue. She had seven fractures of the upper and lower jaws.

Her comprehensive treatment involved extensive bone grafts and multiple implants. She’s since married happily, has four children, and she credits her life to us.

We entered this case in a world-wide competition for implant cases and the jury selected just three cases to be included in a book – and this case was one of them.

Most of will lose some of our teeth over our lifetimes, through accidents, ageing, or simply wear and tear. Dental implants can give you back your natural, beautiful smile in just a few efficient and comfortable visits. Please contact Winterset Dental Care for a free consultation.


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