Virginia Endodontist Stresses Importance of Saving Patients’ Natural Teeth

During the initial consultation of one of our new patients at Greater Washington Endodontics, the patient told our endodontist that he was experiencing severe pain while eating and talking on the telephone. In addition to pain, the tooth ached when eating very hot foods, drinking ice cold drinks and eating frozen foods like ice cream. He stressed that he wanted to be able to keep us natural teeth, and wanted to learn if root canal therapy could be the solution. He expressed concern that he wouldn’t be able to keep his natural tooth because he thought his general dentist would have to pull the diseased tooth, and his dentist had referred him to our practice to see what alternative treatments could be presented.

Our Virginia endodontist, Dr. Leff, looked into the patient’s mouth, took x-rays, and saw that the paid was likely related to the fact that the tooth was discolored and there was an abscess. Additionally, our endodontist observed that the lymph nodes and surrounding gum and bone tissues were swollen, and tt was determined and explained to the patient that the abscess drainage was caused by the diseased pulp. Our recommended course of treatment for his new patient was to undergo root canal therapy, which could both address his pain and accomplish his goal of saving his natural tooth. He was very pleased, and made another appointment for the root canal procedure.

At the next visit, our endodontist administered a local anesthetic to numb the tooth. As part of the process, a small protective sheet was placed over the injured tooth to keep the tooth clean and free of saliva. Next, very small instruments were used to clean the pulp from the pulp chamber and root canal through an opening in the tooth crown. After the space was cleaned and shaped, the root canal was filled with a biocompatible material. Adhesive cement held the gutta-percha material in place and sealed off the root canal. A temporary filling was placed over the opening. The end result being his tooth was saved, his pain went away and we were glad to have another happy and satisfied patient.

During his follow up appointment, the patient indicated he no longer experienced excruciating pain while eating and talking on the telephone at work and at home.

If you experience tooth pain, and want to consider every dental treatment option to save and protect your natural teeth, discuss with your root canal specialist, or Endodontist today.

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Dr Gary Leff is a nationally recognized Endodontist and root canal specialist in Northern Virginia. Connect with Dr. Leff on Google+

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