What to Look For When Comparing Medical Weight Loss Programs

There are many choices available to a person that desires a medical weight loss program in Northern Virginia or throughout the country to help he or she to lose weight.  What are some of the important factors that go into decision-making as to which direction is the best?  Here are my thoughts as to the questions that are very important to consider: 

  • Does the program rely on selling you shakes, bars or prepackaged foods?  If the answer is “yes”, I strongly advise you to reconsider your choice, because the meal replacement programs have virtually no chance of helping you lose weight for the long-term.  You will be eating “real” food for the rest of your life, so for any program to have a chance of helping you keep the weight off, that program must have their dietary strategy based on real food.
  • Will the program restrict your caloric intake to 1000 calories or less?  If so, once again, reconsider your choice in programs.  Very low calorie diets are potentially dangerous and also, have very little chance of having the patient maintain the weight loss achieved.
  • Does the program involve injections of HCG, Vitamin B-12 or other medicines/vitamins?  If so, I suggest you use caution as these programs tend to also involve highly restricted caloric dietary plans as well as concerns about safety/quality control of what is being injected.
  • Does the program involve weekly visits with a trained healthcare professional?  If so, then this type of program will be more effective in helping with long term behavioral modification, which is a necessary component .
  • Can you find information about the physician in charge of the program, i.e. does that physician have a board certification in a primary care field?  If not, then beware of this type of medical program.

There are a number of other factors that should be considered when comparing/choosing a medical weight loss program.   It is always best to see if that program offers a free consultation.  This allows you to see the facility, meet the doctor and feel much more comfortable that you are making the correct choice.

About the Author

Dr. Posner is a Northern Virginia weight loss doctor with and Founder of the The Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program™. Connect with him on Google+.

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